DSK Irrigation proudly provides irrigation and pivot products from irrigation suppliers. We are Reinke Gold Certified Dealers, and we provide all Reinke products. We also provide Pivot Products and Sprinkler Systems from Nelson Irrigation and Senninger Irrigation.

Pivot Products Includes a multi-function nozzle system and advanced design for precise irrigation

Big Gun Sprinklers Used for multiple crop selection, pivot corners, and providing high volume.

Pressure Regulators Which feature a single strut to help prevent debris from entering your pressure regulator.

End of Pivot Solutions Top options for end of pivot solutions available.

Impact Sprinklers Provides top features to improve performance and decrease maintenance.

Wobbling Device

i Wob UP3 Senninger’s top-selling pivot sprinkler. Instantly covers the entire area of its circle with consistently sized droplets.

XiWob UP3 Top coverage that produces a slightly smaller droplet size than the i-Wob. The smaller droplet size is ideal for heavier soils.

Fix Sprays

LDN UP3 (Low Drift Nozzle) Helps control the size of the droplets and the stream trajectory as flow increases.

Quad Spray Helps reduce and save water, designed for Low Energy Precision Application irrigation.

Top Of Pipe Sprinklers

Wobbling Device

Xcel-Wobbler UP3 Top The design of this allows for a bigger droplet size and low pressure to save water.

Impact Sprinklers

Pivot Master Provides quality low pressure performance, and is designed to fight wind-drift and evaporation.

End Of System Emitters

End Spray distributes water at the end of the pivot, irrigating corners and edges.

Irrigation Components

Goosenecks and Truss Rod Hose Slings Quality features include light-weight material designed with non corrosive and UV resistant materials for a long life expectancy.

Pressure Regulators Which includes low flow models, medium flow models, high flow models, and limit valves.